Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world."
-Leonardo Da Vinci

fave nook.
 Tokens of a religious nature, family heirlooms, small trinkets, mostly anything I've taken a fancy in over the years has accumulated in boxes I carry with me everywhere. I can not part from even the tiniest of miraculous medals random convents send me from putting my name on some Catholic mailing list years ago. I always know I will want them or need them at some point; something about their delicateness gives me a strange peace. 

 With the help of some teensy tools, I made a couple rings tonight.  One is a St. Lucy medal, a name and story I've always loved (legend says she survived being burned alive after refusing to be put into prostitution by her betrothed, what a guy). The other cabochon back I painted gold (same color I painted my favorite little apartment nook above) and glued in a medal with the dove of the Holy Spirit. The artist in me won tonight, back to science tomorrow.
inspo on index I bought at a tiny Catholic gift shop.

two newest chilling with lovedoves and vanilla bean.
 itty bitty ring on left hand is my grandmother's, pearl on right from Forever 21.
Let me know if you have a ring in mind you'd like made, I may start a little kitten business.

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