Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My best friend is the funniest, most endearing person I have ever met.
San Diego, thank your lucky stars to have held on to this gem a little longer.
I miss you Alli.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


"All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work." 
-Dave Grohl
Well, it has been a year since I moved away from sunny California to the dark, rainy Pac N-Dub.  It has been an incredible experience, full to the brim with new people, new knowledge, new mathematics, new landscapes, new nightlife, the works.  Unbeknownst to me, gallivanting off north bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a Honda full of colorful dresses and floral head wraps, I have entered a whole new realm of fashion and flavor in Rainlandia.  Heels are hard to muster when your feet are continually soaked (even on random summer days to everyone's dismay), short dresses are a nuisance when nights get below 50 degrees, and bright colors contradict the dreary mood permeating every bar and whiskey-laden hand sitting at them. 
Enter DEMURE. 
With a dash of mystery, solemnity, and a pinch of coy glances, you have them. Seattlites. 
How I have fallen slave to your espresso-pumped ways, music-infused lifestyle, and ink-covered limbs.  I find myself reaching each night for the black lace high-collared dress or the ripped tights under banded skirt more than I ever thought I would.  I now research the mathematics governing carcinogenesis with some of the smartest scientists I have had the pleasure to work alongside. I learn about cellular biology, probabilistic and stochastic models, and the ridiculous complexity that shields our eyes from understanding even the smallest of molecular processes.  In this city, if you are not a musician, barista, scientist, or student, you're only visiting. Thank you Seattle for this year, the strangest, most inspiring pho-filled year of struggle and growth in this nerdy kitten's life. 

Special shoutout to:
KEXP, Victrola Coffee, the UW Applied Math Department, the 49 bus, Top Pot Donuts, Sun Liquor, my favorite nook at Bauhaus Coffee, Gasworks Park, Thai Tom, Half Price books, Neumos, Remedy Teas, Alex & Susan's house, Molly Moon's, endless yard sales, and Cha Cha for being a black nighttime abyss.

Here are some recent fashion finds from a favorite local blogger, It's my Darlin' who does CHS hill style, and then a once sunny mermaid!


Idle hands find their way to my endless boxes of tiny trinkets and make earrings on Thursday nights. 
I love the little Virgo sign pendant found, if I remember correctly, at Ritual Adornments in Venice Beach, CA. 
Happy Virgo season!


Adventured with friends to Mt. Rainier last weekend.  This looming icon of Washington has captivated me since moving to the Pacific Northwest; on lucky beautiful days, you can see it along the horizon from almost anywhere in Seattle.  It's awe-inspiring almost 50 miles away and simply breathtaking up close.  We voyaged on a gorgeous 80 degree day and no, didn't hike all 14,411 feet, but enjoyed musings along a trail near the base in the sunlight (then kicking back with, what else, Rainiers and red wine afterward of course).  Blissful.