Friday, December 24, 2010


Off to Freeport, Bahamas until after New Year's.  Have a great holiday! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


These comics always complete mah life.  I need a collaboration with this math and romance pondering artist. 
This one is in honor of yet another completed quarter of real analysis.  Ah, Fourier, the humor you enable...

LA FOR THE DAY see Black Swan with the bestie.  I'm gonna pee my pants, I have the fattest girl crush on Natalie Portman.  Envious of Mila Kunis kinda sorta not really may ok yeah fine yes.

SWOONING over the makeup and costumes in this Darren Aronofksy film, I am so excited.

Monday, December 20, 2010


New obsession: bolo ties.  
As a lover of all things turquoise, western, vintage, and silver, these babies catch my eye whenever I see them.  An edgy take on the tie.  Bruce does no wrong in one of these beauts.

Found these pretty handmade in Oregon bolos on Etsy by Silver Rock Design .  Gimme gimme!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hi! I'm Kit's blog and I look fancy and new! 

Thank you thank you to Tyler for creating this awesome image I just adore, mew mew rarrr!


... for party party party time.  Love this girl with all my soul. Merry Christmas!


Ten cycles of the moon the Roman year comprised:
This number then was held in high esteem,
Because, perhaps, on fingers we are wont to count,
Or that a woman in twice five months brings forth,
Or else that numbers wax till ten they reach
And then from one begin their rhythm anew.
-Ovid, Fasti, III.

Found in chapter titled Fingerprints of the most wonderful book Numbers by Tobias Dantzig.  I am not yet finished with this gem which Albert Einstein called, "the most interesting book on the evolution of mathematics which has ever fallen into my hands" (obvis this sold me on it the moment I read the back cover).  High praise indeed and duly deserved, I have never learned so much on the history of number theory + more.  

I loved this quote highlighting a time in human history when a base for the numeral system was just being created and agreed by historians that it came down to man counting on his ten fingers.  The great mathematician Lagrange argued that a prime base would be much more advantageous since then every systematic fraction would be irreducible and would therefore represent the number in a unique way (unlike 36/100 = 18/50 = 9/25 and the like).   Much more to come on this book in later posts I'm sure seeing as I'm currently obsessed with number history.  Aaahhhhhhhhhhh thinking about numerals.

 I hope you enjoyed the first Soak it in Sunday (SS) !

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Working on a new look for my wittle quotient module, sit tight, more exciting things to come!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010


December will be a new month for me. Fittingly, we just found a new form of life in Mono Lake, CA that forms its DNA with arsenic unlike us earthlings. This. is. HUGE.
And, as always, xkcd provides this gem on this unbelievable discovery you can read about here.
I cannot wait to hear how the press conference goes... Go science. Go world.

Can this bacteria come write my research paper on mitochondrial DNA mutations? Thank ya kindly.