Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet the iBrain

MIT Technology Review has named Philip Low one of the world's most promising innovators.
And for good reason. The mathematician turned computational neuroscientist has created the iBrain, a small portable device to monitor electrical brain activity through one single electrode. Compared to the oodles of wires and nodes needed in a patient office up to this point, his invention could revolutionize neuroscience today.

Imagine seeing your own brain's activity at the click of a button in your own home?? It's potential uses include diagnosing neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, track recovery after brain trauma, and check effect of neurological drugs directly. Low received his bachelor's in mathematics at U Chicago and his doctorate in computational neuroscience from UCSD and work at the Salk Institute. Read the rest of this promising scientist's potential and story here.

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