Friday, August 20, 2010

Lotso project-os

Painting and sewing day!

I love this stationary/paper holder and shelves for little wicker basket drawers but they definitely needed some jazzing up before I move to my new Seattle apartment in ONE WEEK!
I liked the bold blue and hope it will pop on my (yet to be found) desk.

Also, I'm just a sucker for tiny little drawers/boxes/baskets and I have found such a good use out of this itty tower over the past four years. It was screaming to be red rather than the multi-colored I had painted it years ago.

Finally, my mom has this awesome handmade sunflower apron to pass on to me but it was missing crucial pockets. Inspired by the multi-textured and patterned Anthropologie smocks, I cut up an old suede vest I found at an LA vintage store years ago to fashion some nifty silk paisley pockets. Of course, the hand towel loop was inspired by my mother's unending practical advice. Finished product:

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