Thursday, July 1, 2010


While in Nevada after graduation, we took a step back in time to Virginia City, an old western town at the top of a mountain that was the GLORY of the silver and gold mining days of the 19th century. My favorite stop of the visit was the historic Bucket of Blood saloon.

Oh if walls could talk, I bet they would speak of murderous gun draws and gambling quarrels and barrels upon barrels of alcohol, yeehaw.

This is the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada, St. Mary's, located in Virginia city.

The town teeters on spooky now, straining for tourist income through its maintained landmarks of old greatness, such a hoot 'n' holler to gawk at while venturing through (also noteworthy, the infamous Suicide Table dun dun dunnnnn). Recommend by me and mah goofball in crime!

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