Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plaid pansy playmates

Before college ends next week, I decided to make one last gift for my little sis in my sorority, who also happens to be mah very best friend in the house too! Lucky me!  We both infamously wear some form of flannel most hours of the day so I thought it would only be fitting to sew our Kappa Alpha Theta letters onto one in our favorite color, blue

What you need: 

needle and thread

embroidery letters, emblems, or patches! I got mine off of one of the 34355368 sites with sorority goodies, yippieeee


I found it easiest to safety pin the letters in two places in order to keep the fabric taut underneath while working the needle.  I also find it most enjoyable sewing in bed in the wee hours thinking about lovely kitten things, if you're interested tehe.

Flannels are great for sewing words upon because they have lines to line up with the tops of letters so you get a straight sew

I LOVE the way this turned out so much, I think I will make one for myself too! As if Natalie and I aren't twins enough already, both of us shedding tears today nose to nose. I'll miss her as a sister when I move North. *sigh*

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