Monday, June 7, 2010

The Discontinued

Remember these oldies? 
 My brother and I used to eat Rice Krispie Treats cereal by the boatload when we were younger, ahhh the sugar highs *sigh*
Lucky for YOU, they still sell 4 unit shipments from Amazon for $24.  Heyz graduation present!

Doritos 3D had a short stint of popularity in 2000 which a friend of mine will still not let die.  Bugles with a blast of ranch haunt her wildest dreams... 

Thank Nabisco, Crystal Pepsi only lived from '92-'93 (has it really been THAT long already?) I remember drinking this stuff in kindergarden and wanting to vow off soda for life. Of course, that feeling ended quickly and if anyone knows me now, I'm a soda fiend, tried and true.
Ahhhh the snacking mems.

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