Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

LOLcat of the day

More than Just Hanging Out

Hey!  Hangers can be fun too! These statement clothes hangers are such a delight to jazz up a closet, wall, heck, a kitchen perhaps

1. Lincoln Kayiwa's DINO coat rack here
2. Hanging on an Arrow here
3. Kitty head hanger from unknown found on

give those lonely clothes some lovin' 

The Discontinued

Remember these oldies? 
 My brother and I used to eat Rice Krispie Treats cereal by the boatload when we were younger, ahhh the sugar highs *sigh*
Lucky for YOU, they still sell 4 unit shipments from Amazon for $24.  Heyz graduation present!

Doritos 3D had a short stint of popularity in 2000 which a friend of mine will still not let die.  Bugles with a blast of ranch haunt her wildest dreams... 

Thank Nabisco, Crystal Pepsi only lived from '92-'93 (has it really been THAT long already?) I remember drinking this stuff in kindergarden and wanting to vow off soda for life. Of course, that feeling ended quickly and if anyone knows me now, I'm a soda fiend, tried and true.
Ahhhh the snacking mems.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adios Los Angeles, Bonjour Seattle!

Graduate from college in one week. Move to Washington in 2 months. 

Become a mathematician tomorrow, be happy today, grow up... never.

Things I L.O.V.E. right now...







RIP Walter Rudin

A great mathematician passed away on May 20th, Walter Rudin.  I've come to know his name well from his famous text on mathematical analysis, Principles of Mathematical Analysis, affectionately called Baby Rudin.   A tiny hard blue cover encases this thin book that encompassed my life all of last year.  His dense writing had no fluff, deep analysis with little explanation and little to no hand-holding.  Very elegant math.

Professor Emeritus at University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 2, 1921- May 20, 2010, age 89

Frolicsome Flowers

Enchanting illustrations from a classic book by T. Benjamin Faucett published in 1924.  My eyes went straight to the last character, Peggy Pink.  Love you and miss you Auntie.  Adore.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plaid pansy playmates

Before college ends next week, I decided to make one last gift for my little sis in my sorority, who also happens to be mah very best friend in the house too! Lucky me!  We both infamously wear some form of flannel most hours of the day so I thought it would only be fitting to sew our Kappa Alpha Theta letters onto one in our favorite color, blue

What you need: 

needle and thread

embroidery letters, emblems, or patches! I got mine off of one of the 34355368 sites with sorority goodies, yippieeee


I found it easiest to safety pin the letters in two places in order to keep the fabric taut underneath while working the needle.  I also find it most enjoyable sewing in bed in the wee hours thinking about lovely kitten things, if you're interested tehe.

Flannels are great for sewing words upon because they have lines to line up with the tops of letters so you get a straight sew

I LOVE the way this turned out so much, I think I will make one for myself too! As if Natalie and I aren't twins enough already, both of us shedding tears today nose to nose. I'll miss her as a sister when I move North. *sigh*

Walk walk fashion baby

Catalyst was such a success, I am so happy to have been apart of such a fabulous show!

backstage fun! Hair and makeup by Aveda School

"He Likes Her Clothes" designer: Rachael Rae Wong

"Cyclic Time Travel" designer: Jennifer Lee

"C. B. Tsai" designer: Cindy Tsai

just another lioness day, rawr! I'll miss FAST next year!