Friday, May 21, 2010

Edward Sharpe May 20th

Last night I went to see Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros perform at UCLA here:

The band of twelve friends have stolen my heart since I bought their album Up From Below at Spin Records, my favorite little record shop in Carlsbad.  Their vibrant folk sound is accentuated with the amount of performers on stage playing everything from trumpets to accordions to maracas. 

I was so sad I wasn't able to go see them at Coachella this year but getting free tickets as a student (a huge perk to going to such an involved, connected and open university as UCLA) inside beautiful Royce Hall made it ALL worth it, meow!  

By far my favorite part of the show, as I'm sure everyone in the crowd was enthralled with as well, was the emotional connection between the lead, Alex Ebert and the front female vocalist/ Ebert's love, Jade Castrinos. The two were so playful and free in their love on stage, dancing around, jumping into the crowd, whispering things to each other as they passed... it was lovely to be a part of their relationship.  Jade is my newest girl crush, the little kitten was so darling as she broke her maracas against each other in excitement on stage and simply laughed and danced around more and more. 
 Ah, tis love!

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