Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daniel + Katie

A high school friend of mine, Daniel Chesnut, married the love of his life, Katie, a few weeks ago at a lovely outdoor nook of San Diego.  Their wonderful pictures are featured here
but these are my personal favorites....

The little touches were all so beautiful and comfortable,  I especially loved the boutonniere and celebratory sparklers waved by friends and family!  Congrats you two lovebirds.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Catalyst: FAST Spring Fashion Show 2010

My friend Kim Kajohn owning the runway in 2009.

So soon, so soon, so soon!  Fittings, rehearsals, stress, it's the final week before FAST's Spring fashion show, next Wed. May 26th at 7pm inside Ackerman grand ballroom!   Check us out featured in the LA Times yesterday, wooooooooooo    And come see us strut on the kittywalk next Wednesday, admission is free but please bring one article of clothing to donate to \
Food on Foot, an amazing LA nonprofit organization we aim to benefit with our show's turnout!


In my abstract algebra class, field and Galois theory, we've talked a bit about constructing shapes by ruler and compass, a huge fact from algebra.  This was hard to imagine for me at first, besides basic shapes drawn when I was bored in Geometry class in 9th grade.  My friend Boramey recently found this video which shows the method of drawing all constructible polygons, SO AWESOME!   My professor always mentioned how gnarly the 17-gon is and watching it drawn at minute 2:30 in the vid is so ridiculous.  Thanks for the find Boramey!  

Edward Sharpe May 20th

Last night I went to see Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros perform at UCLA here:

The band of twelve friends have stolen my heart since I bought their album Up From Below at Spin Records, my favorite little record shop in Carlsbad.  Their vibrant folk sound is accentuated with the amount of performers on stage playing everything from trumpets to accordions to maracas. 

I was so sad I wasn't able to go see them at Coachella this year but getting free tickets as a student (a huge perk to going to such an involved, connected and open university as UCLA) inside beautiful Royce Hall made it ALL worth it, meow!  

By far my favorite part of the show, as I'm sure everyone in the crowd was enthralled with as well, was the emotional connection between the lead, Alex Ebert and the front female vocalist/ Ebert's love, Jade Castrinos. The two were so playful and free in their love on stage, dancing around, jumping into the crowd, whispering things to each other as they passed... it was lovely to be a part of their relationship.  Jade is my newest girl crush, the little kitten was so darling as she broke her maracas against each other in excitement on stage and simply laughed and danced around more and more. 
 Ah, tis love!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boltzmann Equation = Solved!

In the late 1860's-1870's, physicists James Clerk Maxwell and Ludwig Boltzmann made one of science's many leaps of faith in using a certain equation to predict how gaseous material distributes itself and responds to change.  They used the Boltzmann equation:

which modeled the gaseous behavior REAL well under experimentation, even though it was assumed at the time for gases to actually be comprised of molecules.  The study on this equation was funded by the NSF (duh) and conducted by Penn math professors Philip Gressman and Robert Strain.  Using PDE's and harmonic analysis, modern 50 year old techniques woot, they described locations of gas molecules probabilistically and predicted particular locations (an area I'm all about right now after using probability models last summer about crime locations in LA county).  View the full article about the discovery in the science daily.

Way to go guys, did old Boltzmann proud!!!!  Work that beard boy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet you at the moon

We're looking at the same moon
though we're miles apart

We're wishing on the same star
when you're deep in my heart

home of: Philippe and Jasmine Starck- Paris ...
ode by: Imelda May

Monday, May 10, 2010!

I making friendship bracelets of all shapes, colors and styles.  I wanted to make a thick double chevron design for a boy and found this awesome pattern online with great directions!  This design, 4 colors, 16 threads took me about a week and a half to finish so provide yourself ample time to get the job done (and with allowance for some messups and tedious unthreading!) Be meticulous about the directions for the first two rows and then your fingers will start to get the jist of the thang!

Step 1: Cut two strands of each color to desired length.  For this particular pattern, 65 inches will produce approximately a 6 ½ inch (including loop and knot) tight bracelet

Step 2: Fold strands in half and make a loop and knot at the top.  Pin the knot to your workstation pillow.  I found this SUPER helpful and easy to disguise when you're halfway through with the design that hides behind a decorative bed pillow wee!

Step 3: Number and arrange colors in the following order:  1234 4321 1234 4321.  The outer strands, let's say blue, will be used first.  Don't worry, you'll get into the swing and this pattern will be circling in your head til the cows come home.

Step 4:Starting with the far right blue strand, make three backward knots.

Step 5: Using the middle gold strands, make one forward knot to join.  With the center right gold strand, make four forward knots, with the last knot joining the blue strands.  Your color pattern should now be 1234 4321 2341 1432.

Step 6: With the blue strand left in the middle, make three backward knots.

Step 7: With the far left blue strand, make four forward knots to join the blue strands.  Your color pattern should now be 2341 1432 2341 1432.

Step 8: Repeat from Step 4 until you have reached your desired length.

There are more step by step pics on the website if you think you need more help!  I love the time and heart put into making such simple bracelets, often means more than what money and even words can sometimes accomplish... 
I hope he likes this one!

Friday, May 7, 2010

the land of tears

"Look up at the sky. Ask yourselves: Is it yes or no? Has the sheep eaten the flower? And you will see how everything changes..."
-The Little Prince