Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seattle Part 2!

So beyond the incredible surrounding scenery and wilderness, the last bit of my trip consisted of venturing aimlessly in the heart of downtown Emerald City! 
I couldn't get over all the sights, sounds, smells, and people of this city.  I had heard that Seattle locals are some of the nicest people and must say, they fit this stereotype perfectly, from the moment I got out of the car.  After another math student ran back into the street to pick up a runaway water bottle that fell from our door, a passing woman went out of her way to stop him to say "Thank you so much for getting that. Most people would just have left it there!"  This eco-conscious, friendly group keep this eclectic downtown inviting and surprisingly clean in every nook and cranny.  

I wish I had weeks to explore every intimate coffee shop or bookstore (which maybe I will in a few months!) but I had essentially one day to fit in as much as possible.  Like many a visitor, I fell in love with Pike Place Market, a mish mosh of hundreds of vendors selling everything from the freshest produce, fish, meats, and gorgeous flower bouquets to dog treats, candied nuts, jewelry, and piggy banks!  It was jam-packed of people and deliciousness.  Man I wish I was eating another Alaskan cod sandwich right this moment!

After running into an applied math professor at the throngs of the Market, I was advised to walk along the edge of the Puget sound bay to an outdoor sculpture garden, free to the public. And of course, the Space Needle looms behind the artworks!

and alas, awaiting the train headed to the airport! All fun comes to an end I suppose... but not without sick murals bidding you farewell!  Till next time Seattle!

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