Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seattle Part 1!

Washington surely lives up to it's name as the Evergreen State; with it's wet climate, almost anywhere I journeyed in the Seattle/Western area this weekend was glimmering, vibrant, and had that lung-cleansing aroma of fresh rainfall.  
A group of prospective math students, faculty, and graduate students went on a hike this morning up to Twin Falls in the Cascade mountains.  As a lover of any sort of outdoorsy adventure, I was eating up every little thing this beautiful area had to offer.  Moss covers almost every tree near the bottom of the trail and when you look to higher altitudes, each tree is frosted with gleaming white snow.  Sure beats LA's brownish year-round tint.

On my trip, I received a travel book by Moon publishing on the state of Washington. I devoured the pages on the flight home, discovering all the different landscapes and cityscapes this Northwest region has to offer, from the archipelago San Juan Islands off the Puget Sound to the volcanic ranges including Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.  The book was very informative and sealed the deal on selling me on the awesomeness of Washington - I suggest it.  Now I've got the itch to really break in my new REI backpacking pack! (my Hunter boots were totally perfect, as expected)

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