Sunday, April 25, 2010


Good morning.

I’m late and you’re busy,

Talking is an impossibility

You wouldn’t understand all the plans

I have for the day.


You’re hungry? I just ate.

But at least it’s sunny where you are,

Where you stand, or are you lying down?


I scratch at a wall 30 degrees thick,

Feels more like an era.

Not a good time for you is it,

At least tell me your ideas,

Share with me the feelings the air there

Has stirred inside your soul.


No, I have a lot to do,

Has the sun died yet, do you feel it still?


Play in zone, coach says. Stay in your zone,

Never felt so alone.


Good afternoon?

Too tired to speak, I hang on each word anyway

You’ve had a long day, it’s late there,

Quite dark and so quiet.


Can’t I change it? Forcing sleep to numb,

Only makes it harder, when “night”

Has nowhere near come.

I’ll wish myself sweet dreams thrice too soon.

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