Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The 39 Steps

Do you love Alfred Hitchcock films?  Furthermore do you love finding yourself at sweet downtown locales watching shows?  Do yourself a favor and buy tickets to go see The 39 Steps  at the awesome Ahmanson theater in LA. 

 This comedic adaptation of a Hitchcock play by the same name was so ridiculously hilarious, I was almost embarrassed to be catching my breath at certain scenes.  The actors were PHENOMENAL in their perfectly times tableaus and witticisms, I ate it all up.  Especially since the leading man was the spitting image of Cary Grant. sigh.  As a secret Hitchcock film lover, the references to everything from Psycho and Vertigo to cleverly placed "rear windows" had me in tears with glee!  Go see this.now.go.yup.

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