Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seattle bound

Since I leave for Seattle next week, I thought it fitting to share my newest purchase- Hunter rain boots!!! I'm not sure what the weather will be like but I figured better safe than sorry when visiting this rainy Northwest city.  I ordered them in this handsome Merlot color, which was a difficult choice considering they come in almost every tempting shade from pea green to metallic silver (delish) 

Even Jimmy Choo has collaborated with this timeless brand and made gold-buckled divinities that even MK can't pass up

While deciding on possibly moving to Seattle by the end of this year, I've been eating up anything I can find on the area and have fallen in love with a number of local fashion blogs.  The wet, chilly atmosphere allows for a whole new style unknown to my jean cut-off, sunny Los Angeles ways... and it is all oh so enchanting! As you can see, there are boots-a-plenty!!

I can't wait to wreak Hunter havoc myself in Seattle next week!
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